KARATE GRAND PRIX OSTRAVA – one of the biggest international tournaments in the Czech Republic will be held for 14th this year! Our tournament is very special for several reasons:


1)GREAT ATHLETES PARTICIPATION: The Czech Republic is literally middle-Europe country and Ostrava city is located near by borders of Poland, Slovakia and Austria. According to this, Every year on KARATE GRAND PRIX OSTRAVA compete athletes from variety of european and world’s countries. In 2014 and 2015 you can met European and World‘s Championships medailists here.



2)UNIQUE ATMOSPHERE: Ostrava is city of sport and due to this we have a lot of spectators and sport fans during the KARATE GRAND PRIX OSTRAVA.



3) MEDALS AND PRIZE MONEY: The winners of selected categories will take prize money! All winners will give a trophy and medalists extra-made medals only for our competition.



4)THE NEW ATHLETICS SPORTS HALL: It’s a big honour for us, that our competition will take place in a modern sports hall built in 2016 (IAAF Approved). KARATE GRAND PRIX OSTRAVA is one of the first big international sports events in this building. We do a big step forward with organizing our competition in this great hall. Thanks to the bigger and more modern background we are able to prepare professional conditions for athletes.



5)PROGRAM FOR TEAMS: In case of interest we offer extra program for your team in Ostrava. Our city is forming coal and steel heart of whole Europe and there is rich industrial heritage – museums, exhibitions, etc. On the other hand in Ostrava you can find very interesting social live and more other entertainment. Contact us at:



6) RGANIZERS COOPERATION: On the organization of the tournament collaborate three karate clubs. It is an example of the mutual friendship, teamwork and cooperation!